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by Christina Sujure |

Have you ever wondered what made tigers and South Korea almost synonymous?

Considering in 2017, the National Institute of Biological Resources states that the Tiger won the most votes in a popularity survey against other large mammals and the national animal is the Siberian tiger. It is safe to say that Tigers are really popular to the South Korean culture.

However, tigers and South Korea have a lot of history together. A large population once called South Korea home which penned the name “Land of Tigers” for the country. Starting with the beginning of civilization, Koreans have expressed their honor for Tigers in many ways-- art, folklore, symbols, etc. Most of the art reflects the animal with a stern expression and showcasing the Confucian values of virtue and benevolence, but also the cheerful and optimistic spirit of the Korean people.

It only makes sense that From Korea with Love mascot would be Kookie, the fearless and adorable tiger. Our mascot conveys both the pride and honor of being the animal most adored by its people and the respect of representing so much precious and valuable history.