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Themed Cafes in South Korea

by Christina Sujure |

When one thinks of South Korea, you can't help but think it cute. It's probably one of the few words up there in a list of words that come to mind. Besides their rich history and beautiful landscapes, South Korea is known for some really cute ideas, things, and places. This week we are highlighting some of the most unique and charming cafes in South Korea and why you should either place them on your bucket list or visit them as soon as one can.

Hello Kitty Island
Located in Jeju, this absolutely adorable cafe and museum is literally the best place on earth, especially if you are a true fan of Hello Kitty. The precious light pink and whites with a hint of red are a constant theme wherever you go. Anything and everything is absolutely themed in the Hello Kitty design. This cafe serves themed coffee from espresso to cafe Mocha. If you are not feeling coffee, there is a variety of teas, ice creams, and desserts. But this cafe is more than just a cafe, its a beautiful museum about Hello Kitty and definitely worth the trip.
221 B | Gangnam
A cafe themed on the basis of the popular show Sherlock. It may not be located on Baker Street but this cafe in Gangnam will take you there. On the menu is coffee, teas, and other great drinks. But if you're in the mood for more they serve beer, wine, ice cream and yummy snack like paninis and snow cones.
Line Friends Cafe & Store | Seoul
If you’re infatuated with the Line Friends characters then you’re going to love this store and cafe. Three floors of absolute adorableness and what better way to wind down a day of shopping with ending it at a cute cafe. From mousse cakes made in the face of your favorite characters to ice cream designed to kill you with cuteness overload. It’s literally the most sought out place for foreigners and stationery lovers alike.
Ddo-Ong Cafe | Insadong
Like the name suggests, this cafe is definitely unique. They serve everything with a toilet twist. And yes, I said toilet! Not actual toilets, of course! The most popular item on the menu is the Rose latte that actually comes in a toilet mug and a literal rose. You could purchase turd shape souvenirs and even the toilet mug they’re famous for. In true Korean fashion, they have taken the everyday turd and made it insanely adorable and it is truly a unique experience.