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Brown & Friends Line

Originally created as stickers for leading mobile messenger application LINE and its 200 million active users, BROWN & FRIENDS has expanded beyond mobile use and developed into a highly successful lifestyle brand. Cony, Brown, Moon and James are the leading characters of the line. Boss, Jessica and Sally were added in 2013. Leonard and Edward were added in 2014. Brown's younger sister Choco and her best friend Pangyo were added in 2016.   Brown: silent but has a warm heart. His expressionless face is charming, as a friend of everyone who expresses his mind more than words. Cony's lover and Choco's kind brother. Cony: always bright and cheerful. Brown's girlfriend Cony. If there's anything she wants, she gets it. Cony's always curious and likes challenging new things, so she often make her friends surprised. Sally: with her unexpected charm, cute little Sally brings joy to her friends with full of bright and wild ideas. Don’t be fooled by her cuteness. She might reveal other side of her you’ve never expected! Choco: Sweet, lovely Choco who loves fashion and sweets. She is shy like her brother Brown. But, once you get to know her, she gets along well even with Brown’s friends.