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by Christina Sujure |

Sometimes the best thing to do in the summer to beat the heat is to find the best foods to help combat the heat. Listed below is some popular food ideas to help you overcome the summer heat.


A meal that is meant to restore your energy. It seems counterintuitive to eat a hot and heavy meal during the summer. However, when you have sweated and is drained by the summer sun and heat. Eating this dish will revitalize you.


The literal translation is cold noodles and the perfect pair for a hot summer day. The noodles are long and thin and made from buckwheat or vegetables like potato or sweet potato.


The sweetest and yummiest cold dessert to help fight off the summer heat. It is shaved ice topped with any fruit of your choice and sweet red beans. But this dessert is super flexible and you can place any toppings on your shaved ice such as ice cream or whipped cream.


Cold noodles marinating in a creamy and thick broth made of soy beans makes this dish the most refreshing dish for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

Subak Hwachae

After all that eating, you should try this sweet and refreshing watermelon drink. There are different variations to this drink. Some is made with honey and some have edible flower petals. What makes this drink interesting is that it is served in an actual watermelon to preserve the taste of the drink.