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by Christina Sujure |

South Korea is known for their bigger than life festivals and this year there is a line up of some of the most popular festivals.


If you’re a music lover like many around the world, you’ll be interested in the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival. This year the festival will run August 09-11 and Two Door Cinema Club, the Vamps , and many more are just a few to mention that will be lining up this huge festival.

On September 7-8, 2019, another of the largest Korean Music festivals called the Spectrum Dance & Music Festival will be gracing South Korea. A location has not been determined as of yet but if you’re interested in EDM, Hip hop, and Kpop, then this will be the concert to attend.





To combat the hot weather during the summers in South Korea, the Boryeong Mud Festival is a 10 day festival at the beach with bouncy castles, slides, and football fields which is all filled with mud. Every year the people immerses themselves into the healing properties of its natural sea mud. The organizers of this event even transer mineral-rich mud from the mudflats of Boryeong to use it to build mud baths, mud slopes, and mud pools. If you happen to be in South Korea during July 19-28, 2019, I recommend checking out this festival.


During July 6 -7, 2019, the 7th Water Gun Festival is back and with a new theme: “Retake the Kingdom”. It’s the largest water gun fight with street performances.




Andong Mask Dance Festival was once a festival focused on Korean Mask Dance tradition. It’s now an international event that celebrates world mask dance culture. Besides mask dancing, the festival higlights ancient rituals such as the Lotus Lanterns, Shamanist rituals, and a Naebanggasa chanting contest. This festival will run Sep 27- Oct 6.