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South Korean Artist

by Christina Sujure |

We have interesting and innovative artists all over the world and some of the most innovative and interesting artist are South Korean bred and I'm going to share with you four artist. The artwork presented above is from a South Korean artist named JeeYoung Lee and is named Loveseek and you can view this and some of her other work at


Lee Bul
Lee Bul is a sculptor and installation artist who represented Korea at the Venice Biennale in 1999. Her unique sculptures questions themes in authority, politics, and society. You can view her latest work at the Lehmann Maupin in New York.
Do Ho Suh
Do Ho Suh is a notable sculptor and installation artist best known for his complex stuctures and media works. You can see some of his amazing works globally and if you're interested in his latest gallery exhibition, check out his work at the Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, Netherlands from May 18 - September 29, 2019.
Xooang Choi
Xooang Choi is a sculptor of surreal and breath-taking hyper-realistic works. His early work consists of miniature figures, but these grew in size during the late 2000s. You can check it out his cool latest artwork at the Doosan Gallery in New York.
Jeongmoon Choi
Her works consists of intriguing and immersive installations of light and threads in which the viewer is allowed to experience her work in a way that they can play in between her art. You can find her art in various exhibitions all over the world.