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by Christina Sujure |

We are super obsessed with Korean stationery over here at From Korea with Love that we thought you need your own personal guide to some of the best Korean stationery in South Korea. From the cutest stickers to the most adorable journals and trinkets, South Korea has the best supply there is around.

Line Friends, Seoul

This should be no surprise on our list but over here at From Korea With Love, we love the Line Friends. Whether it’s Muzi, Neo, Ryan, or any of the other Line Friends, we absolutely adore them. What makes this stationery store number one on our list is that it carries a cafe alongside its stationery. Coffee and paper= my happy place!

Alpha, Seoul

This stationery store has four floors dedicated to four different types of stationery. Sounds absolutely heavenly and my little stationery heart might have a heart attack. The first floor is all about that stationery life, the second floor stores office supplies and learning products, the third floor is home to the paper, paint, and filing instruments, and on the fourth floor you can find kid’s stationery and living items.

Artbox, Seoul

Besides from the amazing stationery they sell, you could find some cute household or everyday items with some of your favorite characters.

Morning Glory, Seoul

My first introduction into Korean Stationery was through this adorable stationery store. There’s a lot of nostalgia when looking through the items of the store and is definitely a must-shop stop when you visit Korea.