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Kakao Friends Line

by Christina Sujure |

The characters we love have a very interesting beginning before it became the characters we adore on our stationery. If you are familiar with Kakao Talk, then you’re most likely familiar with the adorable characters. They were released in November 2012 and created by Hozo, which is the pen name of the illustrator.


Muzi is actually a pickled radish in a rabbit costume. Muzi is known to be curious and playful.

Con is the small and quite suspicious crocodile who raised Muzi.


Jay-G is the cool dressing secret agent. Despite how he looks, he’s a lover of hip hop and his name reflects one of his favorite rap artists.


This mischievous character is known to have escaped from a peach tree. Apeach can be quite aggressive and also very charming.

Frodo is a rich-dog who has an inferiority complex about his descent since he is a mix-breed dog. He and Neo are the official couple of Kakao.

Neo is known by her stylish bob wig. She is the fashion representative of the group and she absolutely adores shopping.


Tube can be super sensitive. Because of this, he wears flippers to hide his small feet. When he gets angry, he spits fire and turns into green duck. I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.


Ryan can easily be mistaken for a bear but he’s an adorable maneless lion. He’s the reliable advisor amongst the friends line and one of the newest additions.

Our little friends can be found all over Korea. There are stores and cafes dedicated to our fun friends. If you can’t make it to South Korea soon, you can always pick up your favorite characters on our website From Korea with Love.