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Just Friends Line

Just Friends Line is about friends who became friends beyond the boundaries of species, countries, and continents.     Tina represents Africa. She’s a kind a carefree giraffe. She always looks luxurious and always stands out. Simy represents Asia. She is gentle and kind but yet stubborn elephant. Although she may be big she is very timid and doesn’t know how strong she is. Chugy represents Europe. A strong and able Horse that can be insecure sometimes. Whowho represents Antarctica. Believes he is the King of his world and definitely spaces out alot. However, this penguin may look soft but he’s strong on the inside. Look represents North America. He always bulldozes his way forward. He runs about and wields his power but likes to get along with other friends. Danny represents south america. This jaguar lives his life happily and enjoys deviation. Even if tomorrow is the end of the world, he will spend today with love. Grano represents Oceania. This kangaroo has mood swings that change quickly. He can be impulsive and picky.